Something New

After my initial BrCa diagnosis, I decided to change my diet. It was a tough transition, because I loved desserts and bread. Over the years, I managed to improve by cutting back on the bad carbohydrates. But last year, I was stressed from work and calmed myself with ice cream and candy. Bad decision.

This year, I decided it was time to get serious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I read articles and watched several videos to figure out the perfect plan for me.

I learned that trying to comment to one type of diet doesn’t work for me. So, I started with a two week fast, because I needed to submit my will to God. Then, I stopped eating candy. I eliminated the candy first, thinking it would be my toughest battle. But after the fast, I no longer had the cravings for candy. Next, I tackled the bread issue. If I eat bread, it has to be whole grain once a week.

I eat more organic fruit, vegetables, and beans. I am not a huge meat eater. So, I take in organic meats or wild-caught seafood maybe three times a week.

I cannot lie. The sweet cravings occasionally sneak in, but I found something for them. I eat a baked sweet potato with only olive oil and cinnamon or drink a healthy beverage.

Finding a healthy beverage that curved my sweet cravings was tough. If I am out and about, I buy a fruit and vegetable smoothie. When I am at home and the beast hits, I do not want to pull out the blender. Lazy. So, I did more research and decided on coconut water and beet juice.

Coconut water is an easy swallow, but the beet juice, not so. With the beet juice, I had a piece of fruit on standby after drinking it. After a couple of weeks, I am now able to take in my four ounces with ease. WARNING: don’t smell the beet juice prior to drinking it. LOL. Just think of the benefits (immune support, liver support, may increase heart muscle power, anti-cancer properties, and much more).

*Remember to talk with your doctor or healthcare team prior to adding a new food/beverage to your diet.

Talk to you soon.

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