No Place Like Home

A piece of heaven on earth.

I was born and raised near the water; sweet home Alabama. Over the years, I have been blessed to live in different states across this country. I have experienced different cultures and seen breathtaking outdoor sceneries.

But deep down inside of me, there is always a yearning to be close to the ocean. Whenever I venture close to the water, my mind, body, and soul seems to lighten, and I have an indescribable peace.

As I think about my next adventure, I pray that God will give me a new home not too far from a beautiful and peaceful body of water.

Talk to you soon.

Something New

After my initial BrCa diagnosis, I decided to change my diet. It was a tough transition, because I loved desserts and bread. Over the years, I managed to improve by cutting back on the bad carbohydrates. But last year, I was stressed from work and calmed myself with ice cream and candy. Bad decision.

This year, I decided it was time to get serious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I read articles and watched several videos to figure out the perfect plan for me.

I learned that trying to comment to one type of diet doesn’t work for me. So, I started with a two week fast, because I needed to submit my will to God. Then, I stopped eating candy. I eliminated the candy first, thinking it would be my toughest battle. But after the fast, I no longer had the cravings for candy. Next, I tackled the bread issue. If I eat bread, it has to be whole grain once a week.

I eat more organic fruit, vegetables, and beans. I am not a huge meat eater. So, I take in organic meats or wild-caught seafood maybe three times a week.

I cannot lie. The sweet cravings occasionally sneak in, but I found something for them. I eat a baked sweet potato with only olive oil and cinnamon or drink a healthy beverage.

Finding a healthy beverage that curved my sweet cravings was tough. If I am out and about, I buy a fruit and vegetable smoothie. When I am at home and the beast hits, I do not want to pull out the blender. Lazy. So, I did more research and decided on coconut water and beet juice.

Coconut water is an easy swallow, but the beet juice, not so. With the beet juice, I had a piece of fruit on standby after drinking it. After a couple of weeks, I am now able to take in my four ounces with ease. WARNING: don’t smell the beet juice prior to drinking it. LOL. Just think of the benefits (immune support, liver support, may increase heart muscle power, anti-cancer properties, and much more).

*Remember to talk with your doctor or healthcare team prior to adding a new food/beverage to your diet.

Talk to you soon.

Just Move

I love to walk and run. It is a peaceful time for me to reflect and enjoy God’s beautiful landscape.

When illness or disease strikes, we need to rest the body for proper healing. But do not get comfortable on the sofa or in the bed.

After a few days or weeks, if you’re able to, venture out for a quick walk. If you’re not able to go outside, walk around the house. Your endurance will increase each day. Every step counts.

Walking and stretching the body are key factors in the healing process. Carve out a few moments each day to exercise your precious gift.

Talk to you soon.

Health and Healing

Stay positive.

Treatment for any illness or disease should involve caring for the mind, body, and soul.

Advocacy is key. Survivors and caregivers research the condition and treatment options. Listen carefully to the medical provider’s treatment plan. Speak up! Don’t be afraid to share your concerns about the plan. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with getting a second opinion.

Most importantly, take a timeout to clear your mind by meditating and/or listening to soothing music. Recharge your body by eating healthy and exercising.

Talk to you soon.